My Personal Journey to Reclaiming my Health and Body 


Disclaimer*: I am NOT sponsored by Beachbody and nor am I a Beachbody coach. I am a paying member of their 21DayFix Program and I’m a believer!

I love tights…and I started loving tights when my jeans stopped fitting. I loved how the right pair sits on that bottom plump; how they are super slimming and especially how expandable they are. The problem with them however is that they don’t hold you accountable. My butt expanded just as quickly as that waistband did…and I went from living in tights day in and day out to being unable to fit into my jeans. I had a problem and it wasn’t just the jeans not fitting.

I’ve struggled with my health and weight for a few years now. The last time I remember feeling good in my skin was in college…when we’re all young, wild and free. Appearances mattered more, and looks triumphed health. Just because I weighed less, it doesn’t mean I was healthier however. I ate chocolate bars as if they grew in my backyard…which later caught up to me quite quickly and my backyard wasn’t the only thing growing.

Fast forward to today and this is what those poor choices have left me with: I have sleep apnea, I have a REALLY poor immune system (I get sick once a month, at least) low blood sugar and constantly feel lethargic. I’m unable to cope with stress as I once did, and I’m pretty sure I’ve developed anxiety. Every single part of my being KNOWS this is ALL a product of making unhealthy choices and thinking that I can get to it tomorrow. Well I didn’t.  I didn’t start 5 years ago when I should’ve. Instead, I constantly complained to my best friend…then to my husband…and then to both of them, over and over again. Both of them continued to say the same things to me, had the same approach and said that if this is how intensely I feel about myself and my goals, I need to start…and what did I do?! I DIDN’T START! I COMPLAINED!!!

I’ll be honest with you….I don’t know what pushed me to start now. It may be the fact that I feel so sick…both physically and mentally. Perhaps it is also the idea of getting older…I definitely feel my body has slowed down from the age of 22 to 27…There is a HUGE difference and it shouldn’t be that way. I think this time is it though guys…I think this is it. Something about this time feels different. I forgot to mention that on top of all the complaining, I did try to lose weight. It never worked because I never stayed motivated long enough and I quit very easily. I’ve never been a disciplined person but I can say that becoming an entrepreneur has taught me a great degree of discipline and accountability. Clients are scarier than bosses truth be told and I’ve had to put in work to keep them happy. I think the discipline I gained through entrepreneurship is starting to pay off though I obviously don’t need to be an entrepreneur to achieve any goal.

Now the good stuff!! What is this secret program I follow and is it even effective? The program I’m following is called 21 Day Fix with Autumn Calabrese from Beach Body. I registered as a client and NOT a coach (must clarify) with one of the BEST coaches out there whose energy inspired me to become limitless. I think I’ve been pretty unsuccessful in the past because I’m a person of extremes. When I’m happy, I’m mega happy, when I’m sad….well…let’s leave that part out. So when it came to losing weight before, I just wanted to jump into doing intense 700 calorie burning workouts immediately the next day and pretty much starve myself too. Clearly, that was not sustainable. This program on the contrary is teaching me A LOT more than just how to lose weight and be healthy. It’s teaching me patience, perseverance, discipline and having a balanced approach but most importantly, consistency (which is my greatest problem). The 21DFX program consists of a 30 minute workout that you follow online or using the dvd from home. Its perfect for me because I don’t have to feel conscious about screaming and looking ridiculous when something is too hard, I don’t have to worry about looking questionable and I can wear WHATEVER the hell I want…you can even chose to not wear anything if that’s what you want! The workouts vary every single day for 7 days which keeps things interesting and gives different parts of your body a break.

With the program, I received these portion control containers and a guide that tells me how many of each containers I can have per day based on my current weight, caloric allowance and desired goal. Its AMAZING because you don’t need to count your calories….literally. So according to my caloric allowance, I’m allowed 4 green containers (veggies), 3 purple containers (fruits) 4 red containers (protein) 3 yellow containers (carbs) 1 blue (healthy fats) 1 orange (salad dressing) and 4 teaspoons of healthy oils such as EVO. When you first look at the containers, you’re like OMG, that’s ALL I can eat-its nothing! But then, you realize that EVERY SINGLE DAY you eat your fruits and veggies which is something I hardly did. I don’t think I ever consistently ate veggies or made it a part of my diet. So based on this food guide, you consume things that are better for you, in moderation and that keep you full longer. Part of the program also comes with a protein shake called Shakeology which you replace one meal with and it is equivalent to one red container and a purple if you throw in some frozen fruit. After 3 days of using my containers, I’m a pro! I know how much to put on my plate without turning to those containers. I think THIS aspect of this program has helped me the MOST. Everyone says that abs are built in the kitchen and it is VERY true. Since starting this program, I have NOT felt bloated even ONCE. To me, that speaks VOLUMES because I often felt bloated, stuffed and lethargic.

My fitness journey has just begun but I wanted to share it with you because it is one of the GREATEST things I’ve struggled with for a LONG TIME. I am a person who has not been consistent, who has highs and lows, a person of severe extremes and someone who has quit often and easily….and I’m still here…Surprise! This Wednesday, my 21 days will be complete and so far, I’ve lost 5.5 pounds, and dropped a size in my jeans. I never thought I’d see the day!

Above EVERYTHING, the greatest thing I’m gaining in this journey is a changed attitude and perspective. To be successful in ANYTING in life means to ditch a quitter mindset and I am overcoming that struggle. Your mind is your GREATEST weapon AND enemy and once you train it to think right, the sky is no longer your limit.

I’ve included some pictures of my journey below and I’ll be sharing my food diary next week to give you some examples of what I ate on a day to day basis.

I’ve had many cheerleaders throughout my journey and I want to thank EVERY single one of them. Its crazy what happens when we support one another.

*Jewels…Thank you! You are my guide, inspiration and everything in between. (let’s hope Husain doesn’t read this)






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